With a desire to grow its portfolio beyond 25 communities, American House Senior Living Communities wanted to define their brand, solidify their presence in the local market and attract national investors. Within six months, we launched “Made In American House.” – a breakthrough 360˚ brand campaign recognizing specific residents for the dynamic, inspirational and charming people that they are. Eventually expanding our message to encompass employees and moments, we increased occupancy from 89% to 95% and attracted numerous residents and investors. Since the launch, American House has added seven communities and plans to build and buy over a dozen more by the year’s end. The campaign includes television, print, a multi-page website, optimized mobile site, banner ads, e-blasts, social media, web videos, out of home and a brand essence video.

Print Ads:

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Web Banners

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Direct Mail:

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Facebook page:



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Floor Banners:


PBS WWII Veteran Sponsorship:


Bus Wrap:

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