Tim McElmeel


Tim goes by the moto “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” He approaches creative as more of a lifestyle than a job. Finding inspiration in everything around him, his experience in various sized agencies working on a diverse array of accounts makes him a jack-of-all-trades.



Kelly Kieller

Partner/Creative Director

Kelly is known as the “nicest person in advertising”, no small feat, in such a cut-throat business. But it wasn’t her good-natured side that got her noticed, but her strategic work and her innate passion for what she does. Her forte is tapping into the truth and expressing it.



Jen Kuzara

Senior Account Executive

Every ship needs a captain to steer them in the right direction and Jen is that and more. From her expertise in strategy to her implementation of the most complex processes, she constantly smooths out the waters keeping every project lean and effective.



Jason Allen

Art Director/Front-end Programmer

It’s fitting that Jason is usually seen wearing a hat because that’s exactly the type of creative he is. Having creative excellence from programming, design, concept, strategy, he’s a hard person to describe because he excels in so many creative arenas.



Mike Gajor

Search Engine Optimization/PPC

Zeros, ones, spiders, crawlers, breadcrumbs, tags, vlogs, widgets, aggrigators. These are all of the things Mike surrounds himself with. He likes to stay low key while our clients’ rankings stay high. He’s been this way ever since Mott The Hoople broke up.



Steven Ayres

Digital Programmer

Much like Jesse Pinkman, Steve’s been Breaking Bad code for many years. He can make any digital idea come to life. And if you can look beyond the hoodie and baseball cap, he has a great sense of design and digital concept.



Brian Kieller

Digital Strategist

Brian has been building websites before anybody even knew what they were. He’s seen and done it all. He loves all things Internet… except selfies. Dare we say Walter White?