About Spark Creative

At Spark Creative, you’ll get the attention of a small agency backed by years of big agency experience. Whether your goal is brand building, lead generation, retail sales, customer retention, media planning & buying, digital, research or more, you’ll work closely with senior professionals who know how to get the job done right. No politics. No wasted time. No wasted budgets.



We’re smart enough to keep our mouths shut so we can listen to people who know their business. At Spark Creative, we don’t confine ourselves to fluorescent-lit gray cubicles. We immerse ourselves in your organization figuratively and often literally. It’s how we get to really know your product and in turn create unique and effective advertising. Beware of agencies that say they specialize in a certain sector. Often times they follow a template and every time it leads to cookie-cutter work and a conflict of interest.


If a great ad falls in the lap of the wrong target audience, does it make a sound? Maybe. But we don’t like maybes. Because you can’t break through, build a brand, be memorable and ultimately sell something on a mere maybe. That’s why we pinpoint your target audience (thanks to our detailed demographic analysis) and stop them in their tracks. Executing with laser focus is imperative. Because if you’re not talking to the right people, you’re just wasting your breath. And money.


We base our messaging on a word you probably never thought would be in advertising - Truth. Every brand has something important to offer. Our job is to extract that truth and relay it to consumers in an easy to understand and hard to ignore message. We do this by not only finding your strengths, but uncovering your competitors’ weaknesses. It’s how we create a brand truth that will set you apart. And increase market share.


To our group of creative trailblazers, it’s not simply advertising. It’s making things social by design. It’s getting the word out. And making people want to spread that word. How that word is spread changes every day. We don’t just understand that. We’re helping reinvent it. And while brand chatter is nice, it’s just one step. Our clients see increased profits, increased visits, new customers, successful ROI and more.